How to Make Portable Wood Decking

Living in a rental property does not allow you to make permanent improvements. Building a deck is one of those things. You can, however, build portable decking, which you can pick up and move to a new home when your lease is up. Making portable squares of decking allows you to make your deck as large or as small as you like.

  1. Take the two-by-six pine and measure and mark off with the pencil at 43 inches long. Use the saw to cut three lengths of the two-by-six pine to this measurement.

  2. Measure and cut two lengths of the two-by-six pine to 46 inches.

  3. Set the two short sides on edge, on the ground, across from each other. Set the longer lengths of pine on the other two sides to form a square base for your portable decking.

  4. Screw in two of the 3 1/2--inch wood screws at each joint to secure in place.

  5. Insert the third short piece of pine in the middle of the square frame. Screw in place for a support for the frame.

  6. Cut eight 46-inch lengths from the pine decking.

  7. Lay the decking on top of the frame. Space out the boards evenly from one end of the frame to another. Use two of the screws on both ends of all the boards to fasten in place. Use one screw in the middle of each board to secure the decking to the middle support of the frame.

  8. Make four legs for the portable decking section by cutting 4 inch by 4 inch pine to 8-inch lengths.

  9. Flip the decking upside down. Set a leg in each of the four corners of the frame. Use two screws on either side of the leg to secure in place and finish one section of your portable decking.

  10. Stain or paint your portable decking as desired.

  11. Repeat all of the above Steps to make additional pieces until you have enough to make the desired size of your portable deck.

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