How to Sell Vintage Tablecloths

If your vintage tablecloth collection no longer suits your sense of decor, selling them is one way you can pass the linens along to those who can appreciate their style. Antique shops, vintage home-goods stores, and auction or resale sites online are several avenues to selling those old tablecloths.

Sell to Resale Shops

Vintage lace tablecloth.

Shops that sell antique and vintage linens, such as antique stores and retro or vintage home-goods stores, may be interested in your vintage tablecloths. Take the linens to the store and ask to speak with the manager or buyer. Keep in mind that the price you may be offered is less than retail price, because the store needs to earn money on the sale as well. Research market values on vintage resale websites or completed-auction websites to get a ballpark idea about your tablecloths' potential value beforehand.

Online Sales Options

Sell your tablecloths directly to buyers through online auction sites or vintage- resale specialty sites with large audiences. Check completed-auction listings to get an idea about how much to charge, and whether similar tablecloths sell. If so, there's a good chance buyers will be interested in yours, whether you list it auction-style or on a vintage-resale site. Describe the tablecloth in each listing in complete detail, pointing out any flaws and the exact dimensions of the table linens.

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