How to Change the Stain Color on Wood

Many homeowners find that over time their furniture becomes mismatched or faded in color. Staining wood furniture is a simple process that can give any homeowner a nice set of matching and new-looking furniture without having to purchase new pieces. Stained wood will fade over time if not sealed properly. Restaining the furniture will give it new life and brighten up your home. The process for removing old, worn or faded stain is quite simple, and with a few simple instructions anyone can change the color of stain on their wood furnishings.

How to Change the Stain Color on Wood

Step 1

Sand down the wood using a fine-grain sandpaper or a palm sander with fine sandpaper. Ensure that you remove all of the previous stain over the entire area of the wood.

Step 2

Brush off the surface of the wood using a nylon bristle brush or compressed air blower. Ensure that you remove all sawdust from the surface of the wood.

Step 3

Apply your desired color of stain to the wood per the manufacturer's instructions. Stain mixtures come with instructions on the can or bottle.

Step 4

Let the first coat of stain dry thoroughly, usually for 12 to 24 hours, then add a second coat for a rich and complete stain coating. Be sure to apply the coat evenly to reduce the appearance of blemishes in the stain.

Step 5

Coat the surface of the wood again with a polyurethane coating or sealant to produce a shine to the stained wood. This is optional, however it will increase the luster and give longer life to the stained wood.

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