How to Assemble Wire Rack Shelves

Wire rack shelves are a convenient way to add extra storage space. The basic wire rack shelf includes four separate shelves that roll on casters. You can move the shelves anywhere you need extra shelf space in a room. Though there are many manufacturers of wire rack shelving, the assembly process is similar for all wire shelving. The only tool needed for assembling a wire rack shelf is a rubber mallet.

  1. Separate the posts, shelves, clips and casters for the wire rack shelf for ease of access and smooth assembly.

  2. Set the stem of the caster wheels into the bottom holes of each of the posts. Use a rubber mallet to tap the casters into the posts. Tap on the wheel and not on the protruding wheel brake. Tapping on the brake could cause damage to the brake mechanism.

  3. Attach a clip toward the bottom of each post above the caster. The clips come in two pieces and one end is smaller at one end. Wrap both pieces of the clip around the post and push the clip together until it snaps locked.

  4. Place a wire shelf on its side with the sides of the shelf pointing toward you. Insert the top of the post through the corner hole from the bottom of the shelf. Insert the remaining three posts into the other corner holes.

  5. Stand the shelving unit upright by grabbing the side of the shelf and pulling the shelf down. Attach a clip on one of the posts at the desired location of the second shelf. You can count the ridges on the post to use as a guide for attaching the three clips on the other three posts.

  6. Insert the bottom of the section shelf over the top of the posts and slide the shelf down over the clips. Press firmly at the four corners to seat the shelf in the clips. Repeat the process of attaching clips and shelves for the remaining two shelves.

  7. Use the top of your foot to press the protruding brake mechanism on each caster to the up position. This will allow the wheels to roll freely. Position the shelving unit in the desired location. Use the bottom of your foot to press down on the brake mechanism to lock the wheels in place.

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