How to Buy Flexsteel Furniture

Flexsteel Furniture began in 1893 with the purpose of providing the westward pioneers with quality upholstered furniture that would withstand a rugged lifestyle. Since then the company has grown from a single plant in Minnesota to five large plants nationwide producing furniture for the home, RV/marine and commercial needs. The company produces a Latitudes line, which is made in China, while the rest of their furniture continues to be made in the United States.

  1. Locate styles of Flexsteel furniture that interest you. This can be done through Flexsteel.com.
  2. Note the model numbers of furniture styles you are interested in buying. Obtain quotes from a variety of sources to find the best price and option for you.
  3. Go to Flexsteel.com and check the retailer locator section on the website. This allows you to find a registered independent retailer near you. Flexsteel does not sell directly to customers.
  4. Visit an independent retailer near you. Check the store to see what floor models are available. Discuss the styles of Flexsteel you like with a sales associate. The store should be able to order any model you like. The independent retailers set their own prices. Ask for quotes on pieces of interest.
  5. Visit a wholesale distributor if possible. Clubs like Direct Buy require membership, but claim to sell furniture at wholesale prices. Free trial memberships are often available.
  6. Visit online Flexsteel outlets that offer nationwide delivery. The outlet may not offer all Flexsteel models. For example, some specialize in leather furniture. Try www.basista.com, www.flexsteeldirect.com, and www.carolina-discountfurniture.com to obtain more quotes for comparison. Inquire about shipping and handling costs to make your final comparisons.

Things You Will Need

  • Internet
  • Model numbers of interest
  • Club membership (optional)
  • Price quotes

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