How to Use the Heated Dry on Dishwashers

Save time and a kitchen towel by using the heated dry feature on your dishwasher. The heated dry setting is used to dry dishes at the end of the clean cycle. Plastic containers and other dishes that cool quickly stay wet without the heating element evaporating their surface moisture. Plates, silverware and glassware that conduct heat will usually stay hot enough at the end of the cycle to turn their surface moisture into steam and dry themselves without the added heat.

  1. Set the dishwasher to normal wash cycle and select the heated dry option before loading.

  2. Load the dishwasher with dirty dishes that are poor heat conductors of heat, such as plastic. Add soap and a rinse agent as recommended by the appliance manufacturer. Start the dishwasher.

  3. Open the door of the dishwasher slowly to release the hot steam when the heated dry portion of the cycle ends. Wait five minutes before unloading the dry dishes to put them away.


  • Heat-drying dishes increases the energy consumption of a dishwasher and should be used sparingly to control power costs.
  • Over-soaping and hard water may leave soap or lime deposits dried onto dishes.
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