How to Find Your Car Keys

Maybe you are the type of person who would forget his head if it were not attached.

Maybe you only find yourself looking for lost items every now and again. Either way, nearly everyone in the world has lost a pair of keys in their lives. Lost keys can be mildly annoying but they can also be a big problem if you are in a time crunch or need to be somewhere quickly.

Check the obvious places for your missing keys. This includes the place your car keys belong, such as a key rack or handbag. Other obvious places are the pockets of the clothes you were wearing when you last saw your car keys. You should also check kitchen counters or coffee tables.

Make sure that no one has moved your car keys. If you share a car with another person, he may have taken the car keys or moved them to a safe place.

Check the last door that you used your car keys to open even, if it seems unlikely that you left them there.

Retrace your steps. Go to the place you remember last having your car keys and reenact each step you took. As you perform the reenactment, look thoroughly through your surroundings. Car keys are small- they can fall behind couches or inside shoes. Once you have searched an area completely, move on to the next.


  • If you frequently have problems finding your car keys, consider investing in a keychain designed to help you find your car keys quickly. Although brands differ, most work by emitting a beeping noise when activated.

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