How to Place an Area Rug in the Bedroom

A bedroom should be designed as a refuge from the world. Area rugs can add a level of cozy warmth that bare floors do not provide. Bedrooms that contain wall-to-wall carpeting can also benefit from an added area rug. Area rugs give visual clues about the importance of a particular area of the room and can be used bedside, across the room at the foot of the bed, as a focal point in the center of an open area or as a way of delineating a seating or work area within the room. Rugs can be purchased in standard sizes or can be designed to custom fit any location in a bedroom.

Step 1

Examine the bedroom and its furniture layout and decide where the rug will best service the occupant(s).

Step 2

Measure the chosen rug area with a tape measure and record the dimensions.

Step 3

Use paper to outline the area rug on the floor before settling on a size. Use a tape measure to place a sheet of notebook or copy paper where each corner of the rug would be.

Step 4

Choose an area rug that fits inside the measured dimensions. Area rugs look best when bordered by the original flooring by 6 inches to 1 foot.

Step 5

Place a rug pad beneath the area rug in bedrooms with hardwood or tiled floors. Choose a pad that is the same thickness as the rug for even wearing of the carpet.


  • Rugs placed under beds are susceptible to moth damage and will wear unevenly. Regular maintenance and rotation of teh rug will be necessary to avoid damage.

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