How to Iron Cotton Sheets

Bedsheets get creased and crumpled over time. Cotton is known to be a lighter type of fabric that breathes well and can wrinkle easily. So knowing how to iron your cotton sheets is a good skill that will help keep them looking as smooth as the day you bought them. Learning to iron will also save you from taking unnecessary trips to the dry cleaner.

  1. Wash your sheets in either cold or hot water, depending on the colors of your cotton sheets. Dry them on the tumble and the medium cycle setting. Take them out while they are still damp but not soaking wet.

  2. Prepare your home ironing session by standing up your ironing board and making sure that it rests firmly on the ground. Slide it at least a yard from any kinds of obtrusive elements that may cause accidents during your ironing movements. Refrain from ironing too close to the wall or next to a pointy desk edge.

  3. Plug in your iron and place it neatly on the ironing board in its upright base position. With your standard iron, push the heat button or point the heat dial to the cotton selection.

  4. Look for directions on how long to wait before the iron gets hot enough to use on the side or on the top of the iron. Usually a light will flicker on as the iron is heating and turn off when it is ready to use.

  5. Place a corner of the cotton sheet on the ironing board. Lay it out neatly, spreading a portion of it completely on the surface of the long board. Flatten your sheet with a firm hand to make sure it does not have any bumps or tiny mounds before ironing.

  6. Apply the iron on your sheets and carefully press it onto the fabric, actively pressing it throughout the whole area through slow zig-zag motions.

  7. Keep repeating the ironing process until the section is wrinkle-free then move on to the next section by sliding it on to the ironing board. After the first side of the sheet is completely ironed then you have the option of flipping the sheet and ironing the reverse side.

  8. If it gets too hot or you see there is a more difficult wrinkle that needs to be a little more wet to be ironed out, push the water sprayer. This button should be on the top of your iron, by your thumb.

  9. Give your sheets some time to cool down. You can fold them and hang them or lay them out on a clothing line during this time. Just make sure you're not adding any wrinkles with your actions.