How to Hang String Lights

String lights are a fantastic way to decorate your home or apartment for holidays, special occasions or simple-but-elegant casual use.

They're available in a variety of lengths, and each end of a string light has a plug that lets you either add more lights or use it as an extra outlet. String lights come in single and multiple colors and hundreds of different styles, from basic to extra-fancy, so you can decorate just about any way you want. They're easy to hang and take minimal time to install. .

Open the box of string lights and unravel them so that the strand has no tangles and is ready to hang. Plug one end of the string lights into an outlet close to a corner in the room. Make sure all the lights are working properly. Place a step stool or ladder in the same corner.

Grab at least four small nails and a hammer and get onto the step stool or ladder. Use the hammer to attach a nail near the top of the wall, about three to four inches below the ceiling. Pound in another nail directly three feet over, moving the step stool if necessary. Repeat until you have covered the perimeter of the room to the length of the string lights you're using.

Take the step stool back to the first nail near the outlet where the string lights are plugged in. Hold the lights in your hands and climb back up the step stool, gently hanging the lights over the nails. You can hang them in a straight, tight line or have the string lights droop a little in between each nail for a relaxed effect. To turn off the lights, just unplug them.

Things You Will Need

  • String lights
  • Small nails
  • Hammer
  • Step stool or ladder


  • If the lights slip while draped over the nails, try fitting the nails between the woven cords of the string lights to secure them.

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