How to Apply Wash/Wax Concentrated Cleaner With a Pressure Washer

Robert Fergeson

Pressure washers are popular labor-saving machines for cleaning siding and decks. These machines also work great for washing and waxing the car, boat and camper. Several brands of wash/wax concentrated cleaners are suitable for use in pressure washers with downstream injectors. Mixed with water to the recommended strength, they provide an economical way to wash and wax your vehicle, and can be applied with a pressure washer safely and easily.

Step 1

Mix the wash/wax cleaner in the bucket according to the manufacturer's instructions, taking into account the dilution ratio of your pressure washer's injector system.

Step 2

Attach the hose from the water source to the pressure washer intake and attach the outlet hose and trigger wand. Insert the black low-pressure soap tip to the wand. Refer to your pressure washer manual for tip sizes and uses.

Step 3

Turn on the water source and release the trigger gun for a few seconds, allowing water to circulate through the system.

Step 4

Place the filter end of the injector hose in the bucket, making sure the filter is all the way to the bottom of the detergent mixture. Attach the other end of the injector hose to the injector tip on the pressure washer pump.

Step 5

Start the pressure washer, following the manufacturer's instructions. Wash the vehicle with the soap/wax mixture, working from bottom to top using the black low-pressure soap tip. Start with the tip three to four feet away from the vehicle, moving closer only as needed to remove heavy dirt or grime. Soap the entire vehicle, and allow the mixture to dwell for four to five minutes.

Step 6

Remove the black tip and replace with the white tip for rinsing. Rinse the vehicle, starting from the top and working down. Use caution when working with the white tip, especially when rinsing glass, trim, and mirrors.

Step 7

Remove the injector tube from the pressure washer pump, remove the white tip from the wand and replace it with the black soap tip. Run clean water through the system until water coming from the wand is clear. Rinse any remaining detergent from the cleaning area before turning off the machine.