How to Attach Upholstery Attachments to a Rug Doctor

Thomas Ferraioli

A Rug Doctor cleaning machine is a versatile unit that can clean upholstery as well as carpet and rugs. Using the Rug Doctor to clean upholstery in addition to carpet ensures that you are getting the maximum value from the machine.

Whether you own or rent a Rug Doctor machine, attaching the upholstery cleaning wand and hose is a snap.


Make sure the solution hose is firmly connected for proper operation.


Make certain upholstery is wet-cleanable before using the Rug Doctor to clean it. Fabrics such as silk and velour should not be cleaned with the Rug Doctor cleaning system.

  1. Remove the large vacuum hose at the top back of the unit by pulling it free. Connect the free end of the the large solution hose to the hose of the upholstery hand tool.

  2. Disconnect the small solution hose from the back of the unit by sliding the quick-connect collar down while pulling the solution hose free from the unit.

  3. Slide the quick connect collar down again. Insert the solution hose from the upholstery hand tool assembly. Slide the quick-connect collar up into the lock position.

  4. Tug gently on the solution hose to make sure it is firmly locked in place.