How to Conceal an Air Conditioner Unit Outside

When a home is built, the outside air conditioner unit is placed in the most inconspicuous place possible, but as landscape designs develop and change over time it may become necessary to conceal an air conditioning unit. The outside air conditioner unit, which is the condenser, is set on a unit support and it has vibration pads between the unit and the support so there is no economical way to move the unit but you can conceal it without blocking the necessary airflow around it.

Step 1

Measure your outside air conditioner unit's height, from the ground; width, across the front; and depth, from the home, with a measuring tape. Add six inches to the height measurement and 12 inches to the width and depth measurements for clearance and air flow.

Step 2

Purchase two side and one front, solid or shadowbox, fence panels that are equal or greater than your adjusted measurements at a home improvement or fencing retailer.

Step 3

Assemble your panels, to screen your air conditioning unit by screwing continuous hinges on both sides of the front panel, six inches from the top, and screwing the side panels to the hinges with galvanized screws by using a drill.

Step 4

Place the panel assembly at least 12 inches from the unit and mark the post locations in the ground with a shovel before setting it aside.

Step 5

Dig your post holes, with a four-inch clearance on all sides, with a post hole digger.

Step 6

Place the fence panel assembly into position in the post holes, level it with a level and pack the removed soil around the posts.

Step 7

Saturate the filled holes with water and verify that the corners of the assembly are square with a carpenter's square before allowing the soil to dry.

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