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How to Build a Patio Wind Deflector

Keith Dooley

At some homes, one issue with sitting out on a patio is the constant wind that blows through during various parts of the year. A breeze is fine, but when the wind knocks over planters or messes with place settings on the table, then it is just too much. To counteract a windy area, build a deflector or panel divider that blocks the wind from your patio and forces the wind around the area.

Step 1

Measure the width of your fence panel, so that you know how far apart to dig the holes for the posts that support it. Purchase fence panels at your local home improvement store. You want to get a solid panel with few gaps between the boards to block out the wind.

Step 2

Determine the direction from which the wind is consistently coming. Use a post hole digger to dig two holes on that side of the patio so that the distance between the center of each hole is equal to the width of the panel that you measured in Step 1. The depth of the hole is dependent upon the height of the post, decided by the height of the panel. The hole needs to be 1/3 the length of the post plus 6 inches for gravel. If for example you use a 6 foot high panel, you need a post 9 feet long, so that 1/3 can go in the ground. In this case the hole needs to be 3 1/2 feet deep.

Step 3

Fill the holes with 6 inches of crushed gravel.

Step 4

Place the 4-by-4 posts in the dug holes. Use a level to adjust them to a vertical position. Have someone hold them in place, while you wedge scrap wood pieces up against the sides to secure them.

Step 5

Mix a batch of cement in a bucket according to the directions, and pour it into both holes. Leave it for a day to dry.

Step 6

Drill pilot holes along the sides of the panel, starting at the top and making a new one every 12 inches.

Step 7

Lift the panel up to the posts, and drill one 4 inch screw through the top right pilot hole and into the post.

Step 8

Place a level on top of the panel and adjust the panel until it is straight.

Step 9

Insert a screw into the top left side. Finish by drilling in the rest of the screws down both sides of the panel.