How to Make Central Air Conditioning More Efficient

When you run the air-conditioning in your home during the summer, a central air-conditioning unit is probably being used to cool your home. If you recently had a central air-conditioning unit installed, you should know what to do to keep it running efficiently. A central air-conditioning unit will need to be properly maintained to keep running at peak efficiency year after year. You can take steps to help make your central air-conditioning unit more efficient.

Step 1

Adjust the temperature on the thermostat when you leave the house.  You should set it about three to four degrees higher to prevent the central air-conditioning from coming on when not at home.

Step 2

Close any open doors and windows to prevent warm air from entering the home when the central air unit is running.  When warm air enters the house, the air conditioner needs to work more to maintain the set temperature.

Step 3

Shut the registers in rooms that are not being used.  This will prevent air from the air-conditioning unit from cooling an unoccupied room.

Step 4

Set up small fans to blow cool air throughout the house.  This will reduce the need for the central air to continually run to cool the entire house.

Step 5

Open the air-conditioning unit and examine the air filter at least once a month.  A dirty air filter can prevent air from flowing through the system correctly.

Remove the screws used to secure the cover with a screwdriver. 

Step 6

Take out the old air filter and replace it with a new one, if necessary. 

Step 7

Examine the duct work for the central air system for any air leaks. 

Step 8

Cut sections of metal tape with tin snips and then place them over any leaks on the duct. 

Things You Will Need

  • Small fans
  • Screwdriver
  • Metal tape
  • Tin snips


  • Have a professional clean the condenser on the central air conditioning system every two years to keep it maintained properly.
  • Use a programmable thermostat to set the temperature if you are away from your home for extended periods.


  • If you do not change the filter on the central air unit, it will need to work harder to provide cool air throughout the house. This can reduce the life of the central air-conditioning unit.

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