How to Use Roach Bait

A roach bait is a small, round or square plastic disk that is loaded with food laced with concentrated, slow-acting roach poison.
The roach "motel," which captured roaches, is a thing of the past.The roach "motel," which captured roaches, is a thing of the past.
Roach baits kill roaches by luring them inside with the attractant, which they eat, then return to their nests to die. University of Kentucky Extension notes that the poison spreads to other roaches in the nest through the poisoned roach's waste. The key to effectively eliminating roaches with bait traps is placement and quantity.

Step 1

Clean up food and empty food and beverage packaging throughout your home. Do not allow soda cans or bottles, snack food wrappers or crumbs to accumulate in any part of your home. Be certain to keep all food put away and the sink clean and dry. According to University of Nebraska Extension, it is important to remove other potential food sources when using bait traps.

Step 2

Find locations for nine or 10 bait traps in the kitchen and two to three traps in the bathroom as well as a few in every room where roaches are seen. Since cockroaches are attracted to moisture and food, they are most likely to infest kitchens and bathrooms. The best places are small spaces where roaches hide or along the path they would use to reach food and water sources. Under the washer, dryer, toilet, inside sink cupboards, next to trash containers and under the refrigerator are prime places for roaches to hide.

Step 3

Place traps flush against corners and up against walls or cupboard skirting. According to UK Extension, baits away from edges and corners are not as effective in attracting and poisoning roaches as they are easier to avoid.

Step 4

Leave the units undisturbed for at least three weeks. Don't pick them up, move them around or try to see if there are any roaches in it. Roaches prefer to hide in areas that are left undisturbed, so only remove the baits after the time period specified on the box. For some roach bait, this may be six months or longer.

Things You Will Need

  • 10 to 12 roach bait traps per infested room


  • Choose a roach bait appropriate for your situation. There are child-proof roach baits that have differently shaped openings to keep children's fingers from fitting inside. There are maximum-strength baits that may be the best choice in homes with a severe roach infestation. There are also eco-friendly roach baits that use biodegradable substances to kill roaches.


  • Don't use sprays or other pesticides at the same time as bait traps, the pesticides deter the cockroaches from the traps.