How to Remove the Faucet Handle from a Marielle Kitchen Faucet

John Stevens J.D.

Price Pfister's Marielle kitchen faucets are based on vintage French country designs, combining smooth edges and oftentimes a rustic finish. All Marielle models are single-handle-controlled, meaning that one handle controls the quantity and temperature of water that passes through the faucet's spout. Below the faucet's handle is a single faucet valve, which consists of a number of seals. Accessing the faucet valve to either repair or replace its seals requires that the handle first be removed.

  1. Cut the water supply off at the two valves located underneath the sink's basin. The handle of each valve must be twisted in a clockwise direction.

  2. Pry off the handle cap with the blade of a small standard screwdriver. The handle cap is located at the center of the handle and conceals the handle's lever retaining screw. To avoid damaging the finish of the cap or of the handle, wrap the blade of the screwdriver with a single layer of thin tape. The key to removing the handle cap is to gradually pry the cap off of the top of the handle evenly.

  3. Remove the handle's lever retaining screw from the center of the handle. Unlike traditional screws, this retaining screw features a hex-head design, which can be removed only with a 3/16-inch hex wrench, sometimes referred to as an Allen wrench. Pull the lever retaining screw out of the handle along with the metal split washer located underneath the screw.

  4. Lift the handle lever off of the faucet assembly to access the handle skirt.

  5. Remove the handle skirt. The handle skirt is the base of the handle assembly and is held in place with a single Phillips-head screw. Remove the screw with a Phillips-head screwdriver, then lift the skirt off of the top of the faucet.