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How to Hook Up a Dryer in a Mobile Home

Jason Brick

Installing a dryer in a mobile home is much the same as installing one anyplace else. The real trick is making sure the mobile home has the infrastructure to safely install a dryer; something you can usually assume with a non-manufactured home. For your home and family's protection, make sure your mobile home is safe for your dryer and to install it appropriately.

Safety Check

  1. Check the owner's manual for your dryer to determine how much power it needs to draw. Confirm that your mobile home's electrical system is rated to handle that much power safely.

  2. Confirm that your mobile home is set up to accommodate gas for a gas dryer. If you haven't used that part of your gas system, call the gas company to check it for leaks before installing.

  3. Jump up and down on the floor where you plan to place your dryer. It's more than likely that you outweigh your dryer by 30 pounds or more. If the floor seems to give or sag dangerously, don't set up the dryer until you've seen to repairs or reinforcement of your floor.


  1. Install your ventilation duct into the wall output. In most models, this takes only a screwdriver.

  2. Move the dryer into your utility room (or wherever). If moving it is difficult, try setting it on an old blanket or piece of carpet and drag it from place to place.

  3. Turn off the power leading to the room where you want to install the dryer. Because of this step, it's usually better to install your dryer during daylight hours.

  4. Plug in your dryer's gas line, if applicable.

  5. Plug in your dryer's power cord.

  6. Turn the power to your utility room back on. Test the dryer.

  7. Slide the dryer into position.