How to Wash a Down Feather Coat

The warmth and attractiveness of down coats makes these jackets popular with people of all age groups. A warm down coat can make winter bearable in many frigid areas of the world. As you wear your down coat, often you cannot avoid soiling it. Although you can have your down coat professionally cleaned (not dry-cleaned), it is also possible to wash your down feather coat in a front-loading washing machine. You can then then dry it slowly in a commercial sized dryer.

Step 1

Zip all zippers and close all snaps, buttons and Velcro enclosures on the coat. Turn the coat inside out.

Step 2

Place the down coat into the front-loading machine. Set the water temperature to cold and add the smallest amount of gentle laundry soap recommended for a small size wash load. Set the wash cycle to gentle and start the washing machine.

Step 3

Reset the washing machine twice to run the down coat through three total rinse cycles. This will ensure that all soap rinses completely out of the down.

Step 4

Remove the down coat carefully from the washing machine after the last rinse cycle ends. Support the coat from beneath it to ensure the seams do not pull apart while the coat is wet. This could cause feathers to escape through the seams.

Step 5

Place the coat into the large dryer and set the dryer to low heat. Start the dryer and wait while the coat dries. Check the drying progress often to ensure the coat is not overheating inside the dryer. Take the coat out several times and shake it gently to encourage the feathers to move around inside the coat. Dry the coat until the feathers inside dry completely.


  • Never wash a down coat in a top-loader washing machine. These machines agitate differently and the agitating motion of a top-loader may damage the coat.
  • A home dryer may damage your down coat by melting it because of the smaller size. Use a commercial size dryer with larger capacity to avoid melting.
  • Never dry a down coat in the sun. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage the coat.
  • Dry-cleaning chemicals will damage the fabrics of a down coat and the down filling inside.

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