How to Paint a Metal Roof

When preparing to paint a metal roof, there are a couple of issues any do-it-yourselfer should be concerned with. You must choose the proper paint or you will end up with oxidation and problems with adhesion. You must also know the proper way to prepare the surface and apply the paint or you could suffer potentially serious injuries.

Step 1

Use an extension ladder to access the metal roof. Work along with a partner unless you are experienced working with extension ladders

Step 2

Wash the metal roof using a pressure washer. Use a low setting or you may dent the surface. Begin at the edge of the roof and work backward. Allow the roof to dry before continuing.

Step 3

Fill the 5-gallon bucket halfway with acrylic latex elastomeric paint. Slide the nap cover onto the roller frame. Attach the roller frame to the extension pole.

Step 4

Apply the acrylic latex elastomeric paint to the metal roof using the nap roller. Begin at the edge of the roof and work backward.

Step 5

Allow the metal roof to dry for two full hours. Apply additional coats to get the coverage you want.


  • When washing the metal roof with the pressure washer, begin at the edge of the roof and work backward or you may end up slipping on the water and suffering a dangerous fall.
  • Always follow the safety instructions printed on the side of the extension ladder to avoid injury.
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