How to Dry Up Water Under a Sink

The plumbing in a bathroom or kitchen sink can cause puddles in the vanity or cabinet. A kitchen sink may also have a garbage disposal, dishwasher and water filter system running plumbing lines inside the cabinet below, causing water leaks. Even a small leak that goes unnoticed can leave water on the floor of the cabinet that seeps in under the tack paper or linoleum covering. The odor warns of wood rot and developing mold. Dry up the water to avoid costly damages.

  1. Open the vanity or cabinet and remove all items.

  2. Dry all visible water with an old towel. Dry the sink plumbing, water filter, garbage disposal and underside of the sink if necessary.

  3. Leave the cabinet doors open to air out the inside of the cabinet. Work around the open cabinetry for the remainder of the day and allow the compartment to remain open overnight.

  4. Use a dehumidifier in the room to completely dry the cabinetry if necessary. Install a cabinet dryer if the area under the sink gets wet repeatedly despite plumbing repairs.

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