How to Add Crystals to a Light Fixture

A light fixture, whether its a chandelier or an ornamental bathroom fixture, can be instantly spruced up with a few crystals. Adding crystals to light fixtures adds charm and interest to what might otherwise be a boring chandelier. Search your local flea market and second hand stores to find a great light fixture. If it is worn and ragged looking, apply a coat of spray paint to give it a new look. Once you have painted it, you are ready to add some pizazz.

Step 1

Measure the distance between the arms of the chandelier or light fixture.  Drape a measuring tape around the light fixture in the same way that you would hang a strand of crystals. This will give you a rough estimate of the length of crystal swag you will need. 

Step 2

Purchase crystals.  You will want a variety of shapes and sizes. Crystals can be clear or colored and also cut in a variety of shapes.  Beveled crystals have sharp corners that catch the light. Tear-drop shaped crystals will reflect less light, but are more modern and have a softer look.  Purchase swags to drape through the arms of light fixtures and chandeliers.

Step 3

Pick out equipment to help hang the crystals.  A bobeches, which is a round plate that hangs over the bulb of a chandelier, will hand crystals from each bulb. Magnets that hold the crystals are also available to hang from the bottom of a chandelier.  Look through catalogs online or in a craft store for ideas.

Step 4

Weave the swags of crystals through the arms of the chandelier or light fixture.  This is an artistic endeavor. Step back often to arrange and rearrange your design.  Adding the swag first will give you a good basis for determining where you want more or less crystals.

Step 5

Hang your bobeches.  Remove the light bulb and any shades. Drop the bobeche over the bulb and settle it onto the arm under the light.  Your chandelier will typically have from two to 12 arms. You can choose to add a bobeche to each arm or to every other arm. 

Step 6

Add magnets or hooks.  Magnets can hang from any portion of a metal chandelier or light fixture. Choose a magnet that matches the finish of your fixture.  A hook can also be added to the fixture. The choice is a matter of preference. 

Step 7

Hang crystals from your bobeches and magnets.  As with every phase of this project, creativity is key. Step back often to look at your placement.  Add and remove crystals, and change sizes and colors. Continue to play with texture and colors until you love the finished product. 

Things You Will Need

  • Bochettes
  • Crystals
  • Crystal magnets
  • Crystal swags
  • Measuring tape


  • Buying crystals can add up quickly. Comb you local flea markets and second hand stores for other items that have been adorned with crystals. You can remove the crystals, clean them and reuse them for other projects.

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