How to Glue down Artificial Turf to cement

This is a simple installation explanation for adhering Artificial Turf to cement.

  1. Make sure that your Turf is cut correctly prior to pouring turf binder. Lay it out make sure its in the right direction and that the blades are pointing in the right direction.

  2. Roll your turf back 3/4 of the length of the turf, make sure that your cement is clean from dirt and pebbles. Work Clean.

  3. Pour your turf binder out in the center spread it towards your outer edges leaving at least a 1/4 inch to an 1/8 of an inch of space from all three edges. Your turf binder should be at least a 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch thick at most.

  4. Roll your turf out and then roll back your un-adhered side of turf, be careful not to go to far so your side with turf binder is allowed to cure.

  5. Pour your turf binder out again and follow the directions previously given, roll your turf back out and press flat with your palms.

  6. Most installers will bring a roller out and use this to press down the turf, this is acceptable with most Turf binders, however binders are not heat activated. So do not weigh down your turf allow the turf Binder to do its job and let it cure overnight! Do not Pull on the turf!


  • Never pull up on your turf until it has been allowed to cure, after it cures you may add your infill and powerbroom.
  • Do not weigh down your turf a good Turf Binder will bind to both the cement and the turf no need for sand bags.
  • Always use a dry towel as most binders are moisture activated and water will only make the binder stickier.

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