How to Care for a Konecto Floor

Corey M. Mackenzie

Konecto makes vinyl flooring that looks like real wood or stone, but is stain resistant. However, the vinyl flooring does require particular care to remain beautiful. It's not hard though. A few simple accessories, and a few hours of maintanence per week is all you will need to keep your floor looking fresh and gorgeous for years to come.

Step 1

Put furniture feet protectors (plastic, metal or casters) on your furniture. This will protect your floor from dents, scratches or scuffing.

Step 2

Use walk-off mats in doorways. However, be sure to avoid mats with rubber backings. These will discolor the vinyl.

Step 3

Clean Konecto floors by sweeping them and then mopping with a mild vinyl floor cleaner (diluted in water). It doesn’t matter what kind of mop you use, as long as it won’t scratch your floors (if using a sponge mop, use a large fresh mop head so the metal or wood components do not scrape the floor). Though these floors are stain-resistant, you should clean up large spills promptly.

Step 4

Keep blinds or drapes on your windows. Konecto flooring can be damaged by direct sunlight--close the blinds or drapes during the sunniest parts of the day to prevent the floor from fading.