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How to Fix Deck Board Cracks With Epoxy Paint

Ryan Lawrence

As decks age, they can crack under the constant barrage of hot and cold weather. Often, homeowners end up paying for expensive repair jobs that include the stripping out of old wood and the installation of new boards. Fortunately, you can repair a cracked deck at a relatively low cost by painting over it with epoxy paint. However, before you attempt yo fix deck board cracks with epoxy, you need to know the appropriate preparation and application techniques or you will end up with disappointing results.

Be sure to paint the deck thoroughly to seal the wood against moisture.
  1. Clean the surface of the deck thoroughly using a pressure washer. Allow the deck to dry out completely.

  2. Smooth any rough or splintering areas of the deck, especially around the cracks, using 120-grit sandpaper. Sand in the direction of the grain or you may damage the wood.

  3. Apply a latex primer to the deck using a 4-inch latex paintbrush. Allow the surface to dry for two full hours.

  4. Wash the brush using warm water.

  5. Pour the epoxy resin into the 5-gallon bucket. Slowly stir in the catalyst using a wooden stir stick.

  6. Apply the epoxy paint to the deck using the latex paintbrush. Allow the epoxy to dry for 45 minutes and then apply more epoxy to the cracked areas, effectively filling them by dabbing them with the brush.

  7. Repeat Step 6 until the cracks are completely sealed.