How to Remove a Fixed Pane Window

Emma Lee

Removing a pane of window glass is a job any homeowner may eventually have to do. Breaking glass is the sound you hope you never hear but accidents do happen. Even if the glass is only cracked and still attached to the frame, replace the damaged window pane as soon as possible.

You can replace single panes without removing the complete window.
  1. Remove the old putty from around the window pane with a chisel or putty knife. Remove small pieces of putty rather than long strips. Long pieces may splinter and pull wood when removed.

  2. Loosen hard putty with a heat gun or other heat source. Heat will soften the putty and lessen the chance of damaging the frame. Continue to use the putty knife and remove all the putty.

  3. Remove all the glazier points as the putty is removed. Glazier points are the small triangles that hold the glass in place to the frame. Grip the glazier points with needle-nose pliers and pull out.

  4. Smooth out any rough spots that remain in the frame. Use the putty knife or a flat head screwdriver to remove any attached putty.

  5. Apply linseed oil around all the edges of the frame. Use a narrow paint brush to coat the wood frame edge and let the oil soak into the frame. Linseed oil keeps the new putty from drying out when you are replacing the pane.

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