How to Replace Strip Light Bulbs

The round light bulbs frequently used in light strips are also called strip light bulbs. These lights create the feeling of Hollywood glamor because of their frequent use in dressing rooms. Now commonly used in bathrooms everywhere, strip light bulbs burn out just like incandescent light bulbs in your other light fixtures. When that happens, you can replace strip lights to fix the problem. When one light burns out, you may want to stock up on extra bulbs because the others will likely burn out around the same time.

Replacing round light bulbs is simple if you take a few precautions.
  1. Turn the light fixture off at the light switch. Wait for the bulb to cool, if necessary. Handling a hot light bulb can burn your skin, and you could drop the light bulb, causing it to shatter. It's worth the 15-minute wait for the bulb to cool down if it's hot.

  2. Rotate the burned-out light bulb counterclockwise to remove it from the socket. Dispose of the light bulb promptly.

  3. Insert the replacement bulb in the empty socket and rotate it clockwise. Once the light bulb is secure in the socket, it won't rotate any more.

  4. Turn the light switch on to test the light bulb and make sure it works properly.

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