How to Remove Chewing Gum Stains

Chewing gum can keep your teeth clean and your breath smelling fresh. It can also cause a mess. It is not uncommon for children to get chewing gum stuck in their hair and clothing. The stickiness of the gum makes it difficult to remove from most items, including fabric. Fortunately, there are a few home remedies that easily remove chewing gum from your clothing.

Chewing gum can be messy and leave stains.
  1. Place an ice cube on top of the chewing gum for about 15 to 20 minutes to freeze the gum. Alternatively, place the entire garment into the freezer.

  2. Gently scrape the gum off using the dull side of a butter knife (the side without the teeth). Scrape towards the center of the chewing gum stains.

  3. Continue alternating between freezing and scraping until the gum has been removed.

  4. Apply mild detergent to the stain with a sponge or soft cloth.

  5. Rub the detergent into the stain in a circular motion.

  6. Launder the garment as you normally would.

  7. Allow the garment to air dry. Do not place the item into the dryer until you are sure the stain has been completely removed.

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