How to Restore a Charcoal Grill

A high quality charcoal grill is an investment that can be enjoyed for years. The taste is different than that of a gas grill and many people prefer cooking with charcoal. A good grill can be expensive and maintenance and restoration is a cheaper option than replacement. Cleaning your grill after each use will prevent deterioration, and occasional deep cleaning can restore it to nearly its original quality.

  1. Disassemble the top of your grill. Dispose of old rocks and charcoal sitting in the grill.

  2. Soak the removable parts in a bucket of soapy water. Allow the parts to sit in the water for about an hour or until old food particles have softened. Scrub clean with a grill brush and rinse off the soap.

  3. Scrape the inside of the grill and the rack to remove the food and grease. Do not scrape so hard as to scratch the metal. Sweep out the inside of the grill to remove the scrapings.

  4. Wipe the outside of the grill with a cleaning cloth. Use a special cleaner if desired and buff out any scrapes or scratches.

  5. Replace any damaged parts. These can be much cheaper than replacing the entire grill.

  6. Reassemble the grill. Add new lava rocks and charcoal. Keep it covered from the elements until ready to use again.


  • Wait until the grill has cooled before working on it.

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