How to Clean Up Mold With Bleach

If you find mold in your house, one of the easiest and most effective ways to get rid of it is to use chlorine bleach. Since bleach is a very strong sterilizer, it is very effective to use in the fight against mold in your home. By following some simple guidelines, you can harness to power of bleach to get rid of pesky mold spots for good.

  1. Prepare the area for cleaning. Because bleach is a very corrosive substance, it is very important to create a safe environment for cleaning. Activate any ventilators close by, and open windows to allow fresh air to pass through.

  2. Put on safety gear. Bleach should never come in contact with your bare skin or be inhaled, so make sure to put on rubber dishwashing gloves and a surgical mask to prevent contact with the skin or respiratory system.

  3. Create a bleach concentrate. For killing mold, an acceptable dilution is 8 oz. for every gallon of water used. Make sure to shake the mixture thoroughly to ensure an even mixture.

  4. Spray the concentrate on the mold spots. If you have mold spread out over a large surface, do not try and tackle the entire floor all at once, as you do not want to fill the air with too many toxic fumes from the bleach. Instead, work on small areas at a time.

  5. Mop the mold away. Once the bleach has been prayed, use a damp mop to clean it away. Make sure to rinse the mop often so that no mold particles are spread around the house.


  • Make sure not to use any other cleaners while cleaning with bleach, as toxic fumes can be created from the mixture.
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