How to Cut 2-Inch PVC Pipe

You can cut 2-inch-diameter PVC pipe with a variety of hand and power tools, but the majority of the tools do not leave a smooth, straight cut edge. The cut edge of the PVC pipe must be straight to seat properly within the glue joint of the PVC fitting. If you leave a bur on the pipe, the bur pieces will interfere with the pipe's ability to enter the glue joint. Using the proper tool to cut the PVC pipe will ensure a proper connection and cut back the time you spend installing the PVC pipe.

  1. Measure the length that you need to cut the 2-inch PVC pipe.

  2. Mark the required dimension on the surface of the PVC pipe with the tape measure and the marker.

  3. Open the jaws of the PVC cutter and place the PVC pipe inside the jaws.

  4. Align the mark you placed on the PVC pipe in Step 2 with the top cutting blade of the hand-held cutter and ensure that the PVC pipe rests square in the cutter's lower jaw.

  5. Squeeze the handle of the PVC cutter to start the cut through the PVC pipe. If you are using a ratchet action PVC cutter, you will need to pump the handle numerous times to cut the pipe to length.

  6. Run your finger around the cut edge of the PVC pipe to feel for either an inside or outside bur. If you feel a bur, hit the area with the fine-toothed file to remove the bur from the edge of the pipe.


  • Lock the jaws of the PVC cutter closed between uses to reduce the chance of an injury occurring from the PVC cutter's sharp upper blade.