How to Cancel an APX Alarm System

APX is a Utah based home security company that specializes in providing top quality security systems. While APX is one of the largest security companies in the United States, it is not unusual for a customer to need to cancel an APX alarm system account. To avoid unexpected charges and penalties it is important for consumers to be aware of APX account cancellation policies. Following the APX procedures will help make the termination process go smoothly.

Cancel an APX Alarm System
  1. Review the original APX contract for early termination clauses and penalties. APX alarm system contracts are typically from 1 to 5 years. If a home is purchased with an existing APX security system in place the new homeowners may have a shorter contract term. The contract will include fees associated with early termination if the initial contract. These fees are often a combination of early termination charges along with a percentage of the remaining contract payment.

  2. Write a cancellation request letter to APX that includes the account holders name, the service address, and the account number. In the cancellation letter request that a final statement that includes all additional fees associated with early termination be mailed to you within 30 days of the receipt of the letter. Send this letter using a delivery confirmation service and keep a copy of the letter along with delivery receipts with the original contract.

  3. Allow 30 days for the cancellation request to be processed. During this time it is important to avoid further conversation with APX representatives. Telephone, email, or fax correspondence allowing APX to return to the property to or to provide free months of service will render the cancellation request void as per APX company policy. During this 30 day period expect to pay the monthly service fee for the APX alarm system.

  4. Contact the bank used for APX automatic payments. After 30 days have passed and a final statement is received is important to contact the bank that APX has used in the past for automated payments and discuss options for prevent automatic drafts initiated by APX. In most situations the bank will suggest opening a new account since that is the best way to prevent unauthorized access.

  5. If no final statement is received in 30 days but billing has stopped send an additional letter requesting a final statement to APX using delivery confirmation service. A copy of this letter along with original copy of the cancellation request and documentation of its receipt should be sent to the Utah Division of Consumer Protection. Doing this will help avoid having any remaining balances being sent to a collection agency by making APX give the consumer a chance to make payment directly to the company.

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