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How Can You Go About Getting a Federal Grant for a Safe House?

Andrea Helaine

If you are considering establishing a nonprofit organization to assist victims of domestic violence or sexual assault, you may need funding for a safe house. A federal grant may provide the assistance you need. Start by finding out how you go about getting a federal grant for a safe house.


Determine whether you are eligible for a federal grant by reviewing application requirements to evaluate whether they fund your specific type of business structure. Government grants may be restricted to tribal governments, local government agencies, nonprofit organizations, service providers and similar agencies.


Federal grants normally require that you register on grants.gov, a federal and state government grant database. To begin the process, register for a DUNS number generated by the government, which will serve as your identification number during the grants process. Your organization will need this number to apply for federal grants.

Search through federal grant opportunities by using the grants.gov website. Grants available for safe houses may not use the term safe house, so it is vital that you know the common terminology used by the government, such as violence against women, family violence prevention and services, battered women, domestic violence programs, transitional housing, sexual assault services, tribal domestic violence, and shelter.

Funding Type

Some grants for safe houses may focus primarily on the construction of a safe house, while others will fund the operating expenses for a safe house or transitional housing, These include such items as utilities, deposits and similar expenses. Determine whether the grant you want provides the type of funding you need before you begin the application.


Research statistics on domestic violence and sexual assaults in your region. It is important to gather appropriate data to support your project and show the validity of creating or maintaining your safe house. Federal government grant requirements vary based on the type of grant, but most grant applications follow a common format, including a cover letter, executive summary, table of contents, statement of history and mission, a needs statement and project description, an evaluation plan, a budget, and an authorized signature from a director or board member. Show both a need and that your organization can meet the needs of victims in your community.


Grant applications are available through grants.gov or through another submission method if required by the particular government agency. You need the DUNS number to apply for a federal grant application. After you have submitted your grant application, you can check your application status by tracking your grant application.