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How to Adjust the Jets on an MTI Whirlpool Tub

Mary Lougee

MTI whirlpool tubs include three types of jets for pulsating water to sooth muscles, aches and pains. The largest of the three is a point massage jet that pulsates with the most water flow to relieve pain in stress points. The rotary jet is the medium size jet, and the micro jets are in MTI whirlpool tubs as sets of two or four. Each type of jet has individual adjustments for the water flow, and all jets adjust simultaneously with increases and decreases in the blower speed.

Point Massage Jet Adjustment

Whirlpool tubs pulsate water on sore areas of the body to relax and refresh you.
  1. Open the jet for water flow by turning the jet nozzle counterclockwise. The nozzle is in the middle of the jet where the water flows out.

  2. Turn the nozzle clockwise to close the jet. Turn the nozzle fully to the right to close the jet entirely with no water flow.

  3. Adjust the water flow rate in between high and low by turning the nozzle partially in either direction. These jets are throughout the tub in areas to provide whirlpool water to stress points on the back, neck and shoulders.

Rotary Jet Adjustment

  1. Turn the face of a rotary jet clockwise to decrease the flow of water, or turn it clockwise to close the jet and allow no water to flow. Rotary jets are the medium size jets that appear to have an opening inside of an opening with protruding tabs on two sides of the outer opening.

  2. Grasp the protruding tabs, and turn the rotary jet counterclockwise to increase water flow or fully counterclockwise to shut off the water flow.

  3. Make incremental adjustments between fully on or off by turning the nozzle partially in either direction.

Micro Jet Adjustment

  1. Turn the volume control diverter valve off on the pump or on the remote control to turn the micro jets off. Micro jets are the smallest jets with two or four per set that are directed to the neck or back in an MTI whirlpool.

  2. Use the remote control to operate the micro jets in conjunction with each other. The adjustments on the volume diverter control all of the micro jets in the two or four set on the whirlpool tub.

  3. Turn all of the micro jets on or adjust the flow higher for more water pressure on sore, stiff neck and back muscles.

Blower Speed Adjustments

  1. Increase the blower speed on the remote control by holding the blower plus button and releasing at the correct intensity.

  2. Hold the blower minus button to decrease the blower speed, which will lessen the amount of water flow.

  3. Adjust the blower speed to increase and decrease the amount of air pushing the water for more or less intense water flow in all of the jets that are in the "On" position.