How to Remove Mastic From Wood Floor

Mastic is a strong adhesive that is used to glue carpet, linoleum and vinyl tiles to the subfloor. When it comes time to remove the flooring, much of the mastic adhesive often remains on the floor. Care must be taken when removing mastic from wood floors, and you must use a mastic adhesive remover specially formulated for wood flooring.

Removing mastic from hardwood floors must be done carefully.
  1. Apply the mastic remover to the wood floor using a mop or a paint brush. Apply the remover only to the areas of the floor that have mastic on them.

  2. Allow the mastic remover to sit for the amount of time specified on the product packaging.

  3. Place the flat edge of a floor scraper onto the floor in front of you and hold the handle at a 45-degree angle to the floor. Push the scraper along the floor to scrape up the mastic from the floor. Do not allow the handle to rise above 45 degrees or you may gouge the wood floor.

  4. Continue until all of the mastic has been removed from the floor.

  5. Sweep up the curls of mastic using a broom and brush pan.

  6. Rinse the mop thoroughly in plain water. Damp mop the entire wood floor to remove all traces of the mastic remover.


  • Do not use mastic remover that is formulated for concrete, as it will destroy the wood floor.