How to Install the End Cap or Carpet Reducer on Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is touted as the ideal do-it-yourself flooring project, yet as with all projects the devil is in the detail. Finishing transitions must be installed properly where the laminate ends or meets a different type of flooring, both to make the transition smoothly and to maintain the integrity of the laminate flooring expansion gap. When transitioning laminate flooring to a carpet, the transition piece used is called an “end cap” or “carpet reducer.” Proper installation of the end cap will ensure that the laminate can expand and float, and that the edge of the carpet will not unravel or trip someone when they walk over the transition.

Installed Laminate Flooring

Step 1

Measure and mark a line 5/16 inch from the edge of the laminate floor where it ends at the carpeted floor.

Step 2

Cut a piece of end cap or carpet reducer track to fit the measured line, using a hack saw and taking care to wear eye protection while cutting.

Step 3

Align the end cap track with the mark on the floor, making sure to leave ¼ inch expansion space between the end cap and the edge of laminate.

Step 4

Install the carpet reducer track, using the screws provided to screw it into the subfloor with the edge facing the laminate on the expansion line.

Step 5

Snap the end cap into place by gently pushing the right edge into the track and pressing along the length of end cap until it is secured by the track. The longer lip will slope to the carpet, giving your laminate floor a smooth transition into the carpeted area.

Things You Will Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Laminate carpet reducer, length of carpet edge
  • Hack saw
  • Screwdriver

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