How to Install a Bronze Weatherstrip

One of the best energy-savers a homeowner can install is door and window weatherstripping, and one of the most efficient is also one of the easiest to install. Bronze weatherstrip, sometimes called "spring" weatherstripping, is a long-lasting weather seal formed by creasing a thin metal strip so that it fills the gap between the door and jamb when the door is closed. This simple method of installing takes just a few minutes to complete and can offer years of protection against heat loss and drafts.

  1. Open the door completely to expose the door jamb on all sides.

  2. Measure the top and both sides of the door opening, aligning the tape beside the doorstop where the door closes.

  3. Use metal snips or heavy-duty scissors to cut the bronze spring weatherstripping to the appropriate lengths.

  4. Place the piece cut for the top of the opening flat against the jamb next to the doorstop. Nail the weatherstrip in place where the door closes next to the doorstop with the brad nails supplied with the weatherstripping. Insert the nails 8 to 10 inches apart or as needed to ensure the weatherstripping fits flat and tight against the jamb.

  5. Repeat the process for the bronze weatherstripping on both sides of the jamb.

  6. Bend the weatherstripping toward the doorstop at the center crease to complete the seal. Close the door to check that it opens and closes smoothly against the weatherstripping.

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