How to Make New Dresser Hardware Look Old

Sarah Thomas

Hardware can make a drastic difference in the look and style of a piece of furniture. If you have spent time restoring or antiquing a dresser to look original, adding new hardware would clash and stand out. If you take the time to antique new hardware prior to adding it to an antiqued dresser, it will blend in and create a polished, finished look. New brass hardware is easy to antique at home. Using items sold at craft and home improvement stores, you can create a convincing patina on your hardware.

Create antique looking hardware from new hardware.
  1. Purchase new brass hardware in a size that will fit your dresser. Purchase as many knobs and pulls as needed for the amount of drawers or doors on your dresser.

  2. Work outside or in a well ventilated area.

  3. Arrange several pieces of wood within the bucket to create a raised area large enough to fit your hardware. You can place two pieces of wood vertically and lay a horizontal piece of wood across them to create a shelf to rest your hardware.

  4. Place your hardware onto the shelf you have created.

  5. Add 1 cup of ammonia to the bottom of the bucket, ensuring that you pour slowly so the liquid does not splash onto the hardware. Be careful not to inhale the strong fumes while you are pouring.

  6. Close the lid to the bucket to keep the ammonia fumes inside. While the brass hardware is exposed to the fumes, it will develop an antique looking patina.

  7. Check the hardware every five minutes until it has reached the desired look. Remove the hardware.

  8. Rub furniture wax onto the hardware using a rag to protect the antiqued finish and complete the look.

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