How to Clean Windows With Microfiber Cloths

Quality microfiber is soft, lint-free and absorbent so it won't leave behind streaks on your windows. The small fibers trap dirt and dust, enabling you to clean even the dirtiest windows with little effort. Use microfiber cloths with a homemade or store-bought cleaner to make your windows shine.

Clean your windows to a crystal-clear shine with microfiber cloths.
  1. Make a cleaning solution if you have vinyl or coated windows. Mix two to three drops of dish soap in a spray bottle with warm water. Add a small splash of vinegar to remove water spots.

  2. Spray the windows thoroughly with your homemade cleaning solution or commercial window cleaner. Work in one manageable section at a time.

  3. Wipe the windows thoroughly with a damp microfiber cloth. This will remove any tough dirt and grime.

  4. Spray the windows with cleaner once again. Wipe quickly and thoroughly with a dry cloth to avoid streaking.


  • Use only a few drops of soap in your cleaning solution. Any more than that and you'll end up with bubbles and streaks.

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