How to Store China Dishes

Whether beautifully displayed in the china cabinet or tucked away for use at a later date, taking a few extra steps to guard against chipping and scratching will keep your fine china looking new for years to come. China storage kits are available for purchase, however some of the materials needed to ensure the safety of your delicate pieces might be available right in your own home.

Short-term China Storage

Keep your fine china pieces safe with proper storage.
    Purchase felt swatches from your craft store and cut to desired size.
  1. Separate dinner, salad and dessert plates by slipping a round of felt material between each one before stacking in the china cabinet.

  2. Coffee filters protect your china bowls.
  3. Place one or two coffee filters in between each bowl before stacking another on top of it. The shape of the coffee filter helps to cradle and protect against scratching.

  4. Place cups and mugs on the china-cabinet shelf with the rim side up to avoid chipping.

  5. Free up cabinet shelf space by suspending cups from hooks.
  6. Suspend sturdier cups and mugs from inside the china cabinet on small cup hooks.

Storing Items With Lids

    Store lidded items such as soup tureens and baking dishes with their lids.
  1. Place lids upside down into their intended vessel.

  2. Use a sturdy twine to bind the items together.
  3. Wrap the entire unit securely with waxed twine to prevent the china pieces from shifting or separating when handled.

  4. Place the entire unit where it is easily accessible, as it will be heavier and bulkier when stored with the lid.

Long-term Storage

    Bubble wrap cushions and protects against breakage.
  1. Wrap each piece individually with bubble wrap, and place either in a cardboard box that has been padded with more bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

  2. Stuff more bubble wrap or packing peanuts between and on top of each item as it's packed.

  3. Attach a photo of the box's contents to the outside of the box. This will limit unnecessary disturbance or movement of your china.


  • Avoid suspending cups or mugs from cup hooks if they are antique or have been repaired.