How to Change the Belt on a Maytag Atlantis

Carl Pruit

Changing the belt on the Maytag Atlantis washing machine is a fairly simple job that can be completed in less than an hour. The Maytag Atlantis uses many of the same mechanical systems and interior designs as other Maytag appliances. Occasionally, the belt will wear out or break from usage, requiring its replacement. You can replace the belt on the washer yourself and save the expense of calling a repairman to do the work for you.

Step 1

Unplug the electrical cord of the Maytag Atlantis washing machine from the outlet before attempting to replace the belt.

Step 2

Place a putty knife under the front of the washer between the top lid and the cabinet base, lifting up on the knife to detach the top lid from the plastic clips.

Step 3

Flip the top cover back so that it is resting against the wall, and locate the screws on the front panel at the top inside of the cabinet.

Step 4

Unfasten the front panel screws on the inside of the cabinet with a screwdriver and tilt the panel away from the washer, unhooking the door switch connector by hand from the back of the front panel.

Step 5

Lift the front panel off the washer base, setting it aside and locate the motor carriage at the bottom of the cabinet.

Step 6

Unfasten the nuts that are holding the motor to the motor carriage with a socket wrench, removing the nuts and setting them aside.

Step 7

Lift the motor out of the motor carriage and take the old belt off the motor and water pump pulleys.

Step 8

Place the new belt around the water pump and motor pulleys, placing the motor back into the motor carriage.

Step 9

Attach the nuts on the bottom of the motor carriage to secure the motor and place the front panel back onto the washer cabinet, plugging the door switch connector into the back of the front panel by hand.

Step 10

Secure the front panel with the screws at the top of the panel on the inside and flip the top lid back down over the washer cabinet, pressing down to secure the top to the plastic clips.

Step 11

Plug the electrical cord of the Maytag Atlantis into the electrical outlet.