How to Troubleshoot Noise in a Dryer

Having your own washer and dryer is far more convenient that driving to the laundromat every time you need clean clothes. Unfortunately, you are also responsible for the repairs if there is a problem with the machines. If your dryer is making strange sounds, the repair could be as simple as replacing one or two inexpensive parts. Check your owner's manual for a part number listing when you are shopping for replacements to ensure that you purchase the right part for your specific make and model of dryer.

Find out how to stop your dryer from making noise.
  1. Make sure there are no coins or other items bouncing around inside the drum. Clear out any debris from the exhaust vent and lint trap.

  2. Insert a screwdriver between the dryer's top panel and the rest of the unit and lift up to release the panel. Open the front panel by pulling it toward you until you can see the drum assembly.

  3. Inspect the drive belt that propels the drum. Replace it if it appears loose or cracked.

  4. Consult your owner's manual for the exact mechanism that is used to support the dryer's drum. Some dryers use rollers or wheels, while others use a center spindle. Damage to these parts may cause the drum to make noise as it tumbles. Replace any worn support items and close the panels.

  5. Open the dryer's rear access panel to inspect the idler pulley. Replace it if it appears worn.


  • Unplug the dryer or switch off the circuit breaker if you have to replace any defective parts.
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