How to Fix an Inflatable Bed

While comfortable and convenient for camping trips, overnight guests or any time an extra sleeping space is needed, inflatable beds can acquire holes, tears and small leaks rather easily.

Inflatable beds can be easy to fix!
These problems can be fixed, however, with a little patience and the proper patching equipment. It is best to consider buying a patching kit designed specifically for an inflatable bed, but other inflatable patching equipment will work also. .

Find the hole or leak, if you do not already know where it is, by slowly pushing the air out of the inflated mattress and listening or running your hands slowly along all areas of the bed until you can feel the air that is being pushed out. This may require two people, depending on the size of your inflatable bed.

Alternatively, use a washcloth to rub warm, soapy water over the air mattress to help identify the hole or leaky area, and simply look for bubbles to form from the air being released.

Deflate the inflatable bed completely to accurately discern the size of the hole, and then cut a piece of patching material that will completely cover the area.

Peel the paper from the patching material to expose the adhesive backing or, if your patching material is not self-adhesive, run a thin bead of super glue around the outside edges.

Place the patch over the hole, and press firmly to secure the adhesive. Hold the patch for a few seconds, then allow the adhesive to set for at least two hours before re-inflating the bed.

Things You Will Need

  • Patching material
  • Scissors


  • Most inflatable beds will begin to leak around the air valve at some point or another, so carefully inspect this area for leaks first and ensure that it is functioning properly and is completely closed.