How to Look for Section 8 Apartment Listings

Not all landlords are required to participate in the Section 8 voucher program. Sometimes, it can be hard to find Section 8 apartment listings; you might need some time to look through all the listings, but it isn't much harder than looking for a regular apartment.

With a bit of leg work, you can find an apartment that allows Section 8 vouchers.
  1. Check Craigslist apartment listings for your city (or a nearby city). Type in "Section 8" in the "Search for:" field. Make sure that "Only Search Titles" is unchecked, and then click "Search." Craigslist is often used by landlords that don't want to pay to advertise their listings in newspapers and other apartment listing services. You can also refine the search further by animals allowed, pricing, and number of bedrooms.

  2. Check newspapers and the Apartment Guide. Both of these publications have rental listings, and the ads should indicate whether the landlord accepts Section 8.

  3. Search online. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has its own Section 8 apartment search. Apartment listing sites such as Affordable Housing Online and My New Place also offer ways to search specifically for Section 8 housing.

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