How to Store Hangers While Washing Clothes

Hanging clothes on hangers at the end of the dryer cycle saves on ironing and prevents creases in shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts and slacks. The challenge comes in keeping hangers from getting tangled or falling on the floor while you're washing clothes. Pacific Lutheran University's 'Great Ways to Go Green' website recommends drying clothes on hangers on a clothes rack to save energy. Alternatively, make a hanger storage solution for free to solve the problem of how to store hangers while washing clothes.

Clothes Rack Hanger Storage

A clothes rack in the laundry room stores hangers and reduces wrinkling.

Step 1

Buy a clothes rack for the laundry room. Most models have wheels, making the rack convenient to roll near the dryer to hang clothes when they are dry. If space is tight, buy a collapsible model and fold it up when not in use.

Step 2

Place empty hangers on the rack when you start your laundry. This keeps them within easy reach. When the dryer cycle ends, pull out the delicate and easily wrinkled items immediately and put them on the hangers.

Step 3

Organize the hangers on the rack according to which room the clothes go to. This makes putting clean clothes away more efficient. For example, put the clothes for the master bedroom at one end and clothes for the other bedrooms in order on the rack.

Hanger Storage Box

Step 1

To begin making your hanger storage box, first place the cardboard box on one side at a convenient height. Take one of your largest hangers -- the one with the largest hook -- and center it on the side of the box that's facing up, with the hook near the open end of the box. The exact position isn't important; this is only to get the width of the hanger hook.

Step 2

Use a ruler and make a pencil mark 1/8-inch from the widest part of the hook on each side of it.

Step 3

Measure the distance between the two pencil marks. Make another set of pencil marks the same distance apart toward the bottom of the box.

Step 4

Place the ruler even with one set of pencil marks and draw a line from the top of the box to the bottom of it. Repeat with the other set of pencil marks. This will create the opening for the hanger tops.

Step 5

Set the box on its bottom. Hold it firmly with one hand and use a utility knife or box cutter to cut along each pencil line.

Step 6

Use a large rubber band to put the hangers in groups. For example, put a rubber band around the necks of shirt hangers and another to group skirt or slacks. Place five to seven hangers in each bunch.

Step 7

Place the groups of hangers in the box with the hanging ends sticking out of the channel. Place up to 10 loose hangers at the top of the box for convenience.

Step 8

Put the box at any convenient place near the dryer.

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