Troubleshooting a Briggs & Stratton Generator

A generator you use for your home or at a job site to power equipment or appliances can come equipped with a Briggs and Stratton engine.

No Power When Generator Is Running

When problems occur with the generator, you need to troubleshoot to correct the problem. Problems that can occur with a Briggs and Stratton generator include getting no power when the engine is running and having the generator shut down while it is being used.

Step 1

Check the circuit breaker on the generator, and see if it has tripped. Reset or turn the circuit breaker back on, and see if power or electricity now comes from the unit.

Step 2

Examine the extension cord you are using with the generator. The cord could have a poor connection or a short. It could also be bad or defective. Replace the extension cord, and see if the problem has been corrected.

Step 3

Check and see if the power tool or device connected to the generator is bad. Connect another power tool or device to the generator to see it works correctly.

Generator That Shuts Down or Runs Rough

Step 1

Open the cap to the fuel tank, and see if the generator has run out of gas. Refill the generator with gas, and restart the engine.

Step 2

Pull out the dipstick, and check the level of the oil. If the oil level is below the "Full" line, you need to add more oil.

Step 3

Move the generator to a level surface if it is sitting at an angle. The engine will run better when it is level on ground.


  • Overloading the generator with too many devices will cause it to work harder and have less power than normal.

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