How to Remove Gum From a Sidewalk

Gum spots on your sidewalk are unsightly. They also make quite a mess if stepped on. Chewing gum on a sidewalk turns in to an ugly black spot once it hardens and stays on the surface for an extended period. The sticky nature of chewing gum makes it imperative that you remove the gum properly so fresh gum does not spread further. Remove chewing gum from your sidewalk at first sight for best results.

Any color gum will eventually leave a black mark on your sidewalk.
  1. Harden the gum if the spot is fresh and the gum is still soft. Rub an ice cube over the gum spot for a few minutes to chill it and make it brittle.

  2. Scrape off as much of the hardened gum as possible using a putty knife or metal scraper. Get the corner of the scraper right under the gum to carefully pry it from the sidewalk.

  3. Pour denatured alcohol onto any remaining gum left on the sidewalk. Make sure to thoroughly saturate the spot with the alcohol.

  4. Scrape the gum spot again with the putty knife or scraper until all of the gum is gone. Use a wire brush to scrub away any residue left on the sidewalk.

  5. Wash the affected area of the sidewalk with a scrub brush and hot, soapy water. Rinse with water from the garden hose.

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