How to Get Taffy Out of Clothes

Kristie Sweet

This story will sound familiar to many parents. On an outing, you buy your kids a special treat of taffy. Within an hour, the taffy becomes stuck to your child's pants or your favorite sweater. Like gum, taffy creates a sticky mess that seems impossible to remove from clothing.

Most taffy products have a glue-like consistency that takes time to remove.

However, removing the goo is possible with some time and patience.


Thoroughly clean the brush you used to scrub the spot to avoid transferring taffy to other garments. A cheap toothbrush makes a good laundry scrubber for this task since it can be thrown away.


Check the item carefully after removing it from the washing machine to be sure the spot is gone. Don't put it in the dryer if any residue is left. Repeat scrubbing the spot if needed.

  1. Place the apparel item in the freezer or place ice on the area. Do not put the piece in a plastic bag since that will slow down the hardening process; place it directly on a shelf.

  2. Scrape off as much of the taffy as possible once it has hardened. Use the edge of a credit card or similarly dull scraper to avoid damaging the fabric. If any stickiness remains as you scrape the taffy off the garment, put the clothing back in the freezer until the area hardens.

  3. Spray the area with a pre-wash treatment spray. Let the garment sit for a minute to allow the spray to penetrate the area, or follow the specific directions on the product you are using.

  4. Pour a small amount of detergent on the area and scrub. An old but clean toothbrush or laundry brush will help get the area clean by moving the fibers in the clothing around to pull out the remaining taffy.

  5. Rinse with hot water. If any taffy remains, spot treat again with the pre-wash and detergent, scrubbing in various directions with your brush. Once the spot seems to be clean, launder as usual.