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How to Feed Pasta to Wild Birds

Steve Smith

Birds are always looking for food, and they will eat all types of human food. One of these foods is pasta. Pasta contains starch and that is ideal for birds: Along with nuts, seeds and grass, pasta helps to round out their diet. If you plan on feeding birds pasta, be sure to cook it thoroughly first, as it makes it easier for the birds to swallow and digest. Feed birds pasta like macaroni, spaghetti or linguine anytime of year.

Birds will eat pasta, rice and more human food
  1. Fill a medium-sized pot about halfway with water from your faucet and set the pot on a stove burner. Turn the burner to high. When the water begins to boil (usually in about 10 minutes) add a handful of dry macaroni or spaghetti, whichever type of pasta you intend to feed to the birds.

  2. Allow the pasta to cook for 10 to 12 minutes or until it is very tender or even mushy. Over cooking the past in this case is better than under-cooking it. If the water begins to froth and bubble over, reduce the heat on the stove burner immediately.

  3. Drain the pasta in a colander or spaghetti strainer and set it out on a dish to cool for 20 minutes. Once cool, place the pasta on a cutting board and cut it into small pieces about a 1/4 inch long using a chef knife.

  4. Carry the pasta outside and leave it near the bird feeder or in an area where the birds are sure to find it. Near the porch or a bird bath will give birds access to your food. Spread the pasta on the ground in small, separate piles and several birds will eat it at once.