How to Use Dremel Attachments

Dremel rotary tools consist of a rotating bit, similar to that of a drill but spinning at a much faster rate.

Dremel rotary tools provide a large amount of flexibility in the tasks they can be used to perform. Utilizing different attachments, Dremels can be used for everything from sanding and polishing to precision freehand cutting and routing. Switching attachments on Dremel tools is made convenient for faster project completions.

Read the instructions for the attachment you will be using to ensure that you are confident in your knowledge of the proper operating procedure.

Ensure that your Dremel is unplugged to prevent accidental injury.

Rotate the collet at the end of the Dremel where the attachments will be inserted to increase the radius of the opening. This will either be accomplished by hand, or using a provided wrench, depending on your model.

Insert the shaft of the attachment into the collet opening.

Tighten the collet securely around the shaft of the accessory.


  • Dremel's "Flex Shaft" attachment allows a flexible extension which can transfer torque to a mounted attachment for easier use, which is perfect for using Dremel attachments in tight spaces.


  • Ensure the collet is completely tightened to prevent accessories from being projected from the Dremel causing possible property damage or injury.

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